Co-owners for Foundations FW'23

Co-owners for Foundations FW'23

In 2017, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag started 100 Thieves as an apparel brand with the idea that he could shift the paradigm around gaming and fashion. He started with a simple statement - “Give every gamer something to be proud of.” The brand and scope has transformed but the mission remains the same and the 100 Thieves Apparel Team has not forgotten the original intent for the brand.

Foundations Fall Winter ‘23 is the culmination of this mission and is our recommitment to core apparel for everyday wear - each piece thoughtfully designed and meant to last with quality and style at the forefront of our design process.

While the individual styles may not be “always-on” our commitment to providing you new seasonal Foundations collections is. We’re excited to share this apparel line to the world tomorrow. See you there.

- 100 Thieves Apparel