Shipping Outside of the US

Please be aware that there may be an additional customs fee when delivering outside of the US. Unfortunately, we have no way to calculate or pay these fees on the customer’s behalf. They are not part of the shipping fee. The recipient is responsible for all fees and taxes.

International delivery times can take up to 14 business days or longer depending on the location being sent to. If after 21 days your package still has yet to arrive, please call your local post office and ask if they are holding it for any reason. If not, please email us with your order number and brief message to check status. If your tracking number shows your package has been delivered outside of the US, but you are still awaiting delivery; please call your local post office to see if it's being held there (we've noticed this happens on occasion).

For higher priced items, we may require signature upon delivery.

If you have questions related to customs charges or fees, we advise you to contact your local customs or postal office.